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Air Freight Handling & Tracking

This service is offered to both importers and exporters, which is handled by separate sections. The shipments are followed from the origin to the destination. We arrange space booking in advance at the specific request of our customer and issue Airway bill of all airlines operating in Nepal like, QR, EK, EY, WY, KE, FZ, TK, CX TG etc. We are in the process of facilitating our client on direct tracing and tracking system with them.

Sea Freight Handling

A separate division with all operational facilities handles incoming and outgoing shipments at Kolkata port, Birjung Customs and dry port, Kakarvitta, and Biratnagar and newly establish vigoz port as well.

Custom Brokerage

With the passage of time, we have distinguished our calibers in this area also. This has only been possible with years of hard work, perseverance and well trained and dedicated staff who have been trained from the grass root level who get all shipments processed without delay. We provide customs brokerage facilities at all airports, dry ports, customs and the sea ports.

Inland Transportation

The company is fully equipped to cater for inland transport requirements of its customers. These requirements are mainly met by using In-House transport facilities.Additional demand can also be fulfilled by hiring transport from the private sector. Unique Freight has collaboration with many Carriers to meet the demand of our clients

Air / Sea Freight Services Worldwide

Special AIRLINE/Shipping Line TRAFFIC
Custom clearance
Inland haulages
Train Service to and from ICD Birjung

Imort Traffic Services

By Land/ SEA via Kolkata, Haldia.
Sea/Air via Thailand, Singapore , Hong Kong and Kolkata.
Project Cargo Handling

Customs Brokerage Services

Since we are the Licensed Customs Brokerage Services, which can all type of cargo as per demand of customer.
Urgent Customs Clearance for Perishable Items
Warehouse facilities at Kathmandu, Kakarvitta, Birjung and Biratnagar, Free Domicile Services throughout Nepal.
Land/Sea Traffic via Kolkata, Air/Sea Traffic via Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong.

Consultation Services

We provide consultation services to our clients free of charge for Exporters and Importers of all kind of Commodities and project cargos.
Transportation of Handling Garments/Carpets/Handicraft, project cargo, Personal Effects, Floriculture and Agro products.
Land /Sea movement of export and import via Kolkata Port using three entry point.


One days is required for the clearance of air freight export shipment from customs at Katmandu airport. Two days are required for custom clearance of sea freight at Boarder Customs for sea shipments.
Having our own affiliation offices at three custom points we have the advantage in comparison to our competitors.

Our Annual Export /Import data of Nepal

  • Air Export

    14,400 tons

  • Air Import

    18,000 tons

  • Sea Export

    1850 teus

  • Sea Import

    50000 teus

We are Associated with :

  • HTC
  • LG
  • SONY

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